Curated talent matches for academic innovators and startups already in our portfolio.

Beyond Mentoring: Science + Business

If you're an academic founder ready to spin out your research, or a startup in our portfolio seeking business guidance, MassVX can help. The first-in-the-nation, statewide program curates talent matches between academic innovators and business development experts to expedite the translation of research to the market.

MassVX fills a gap for most academic innovators who have not yet developed a vetted business network.

We draw from our deep network of business development experts--or entrepreneurial champions, as we like to call them-- to match academic founders with the entrepreneurial champion best suited to address their unique needs or challenges. Our network of vetted entrepreneurial champions includes CEOs, chairpersons, venture capital advisory board members, and other professionals.

Apply for MassVX

If you are an academic founder who is: 1) ready to expedite your spinout with a MassVX Entrepreneurial Champion, 2) secured or applied for a patent, and 3) secured proof-of-concept funding, apply here: MassVX Application

If accepted, we’ll curate the matches and make the introductions.

For more information, contact Priya Yadav at

Academic innovators from all 34 Massachusetts academic and research institutes, and companies in our portfolio, are invited to participate.