MassVX curates talent matches for academic innovators and startups already in our portfolio, and introduces them to the right, vetted entrepreneurial champion.

Beyond Mentoring

MassVX is the first-in-the-nation statewide innovation program that expedites academic spin-outs from all 34 Massachusetts academic and research institutes. MassVX curates talent matches for selected academic innovators and introduces the innovators to the right, vetted MassVX Entrepreneurial Champion.

We are intentionally using the term MassVX Entrepreneurial Champion to keep the business lead role flexible. Depending on the introduction, the Entrepreneurial Champion could be the CEO, an Entrepreneurial Chairperson or an Executive Chair. The academic innovator is the Chief Scientific Officer or Chief Technical Officer.

Academic Innovators Apply Here: MassVX Application

How We Help Academic Innovators

If you are an academic founder who meets the following criteria: 1) ready to expedite your spinout with a MassVX Entrepreneurial Champion 2) secured or applied for a patent, and 3) secured proof-of-concept funding, contact Priya Yadav at

If accepted, we’ll curate the matches and make the introductions.

MassVX’s Differentiating Factors

  1. We personally cultivate a statewide network of referred-in individuals who are qualified, vetted, and then introduced.
  2. MassVX is a formal program with a structured and efficient process.
  3. MassVX has no conflict of interest.
  4. We fill a gap for most scientific innovators who have not developed a vetted business network.
  5. We created a MassVX Founder’s Understanding Kit.
  6. We provide THE innovation pipeline of opportunities from across all Massachusetts institutions.