Acorn Innovation Grants

The 2021 grant cycle for Acorn Innovation grants has closed.

Read the press release on the winners.

The Acorn Innovation Grant supports principal investigators at Massachusetts research universities who seek to demonstrate the viability of their technology. Awards could be used to further develop a prototype, gather additional data to demonstrate proof of concept, or to obtain data that show how the technology compares to existing technologies and what its competitive advantages are.

Acorn Awards are designed to fund small, rapidly accomplishable projects that will enable researchers to obtain further funding for additional proof of concept or commercialization.

To be eligible for an Acorn grant, an applicant must be a Principal Investigator at a Massachusetts research university, with the technology disclosed to their institution.  As the awards are small, no overhead can be applied for in the budget. Up to 13 awards ($15,000 each) will be granted.

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