MassVentures is the Commonwealth's strategic venture capital team. We find, fund, and foster early stage deep tech that fuels economic growth across the Commonwealth.

Deep tech is at the core of the Commonwealth's innovation ecosystem. STEM-based startups represent substantial scientific advances and high-tech engineering innovation that address big societal challenges - often creating new markets or disrupting existing ones.

The deep tech sector includes advanced manufacturing, advanced materials, artificial intelligence, biotechnology, blockchain, robotics, photonics, electronics, quantum computing, and other emerging technologies.

It's a sector that is often overlooked and typically underinvested at the seed stage...but it's brimming with opportunity.

Deep Tech is Where We Live

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We exist to fuel early stage innovation and investment - our mandate is to find and develop opportunity in places others don't tend to look. Our mission supports the broad perspective, deep inquiry, and extended commitment required to move from opportunity to economic impact



We know the people you need to know to bring deep tech to market. Scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs, investors, business partners, government - we have spent our careers building productive relationships across the innovation ecosystem.



You don't get to be one of the world's longest-running venture funds without making smart decisions. For over 40 years, we have been fueling the Commonwealth's innovation economy, reinvesting our investment profits as a successful evergreen fund to drive business and job growth.

“MassVentures is building a collaborative ecosystem of entrepreneurs in Boston and beyond. Each of our success is made more likely with the success of others in our community. Armored Things is proud to be a part of this group!” 

Julie Johnson

Founder and CEO, Armored Things

“We’ve worked closely with the companies that go through the MassVentures program. We found that those companies are at a critical stage for growth and MassVentures is one of the very few resources that can help transition those companies.”

Marie Meslin

Director, The Capital Network

What's New

Mass Clean Energy Center Awards Announced

MassVentures supports the latest awards from Mass Clean Energy Center

Supporting the Massachusetts Recovery Plan

"To ensure we continue to lead in this space, $62 million in existing capital funding through the Mass Life Science Center, the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative, and MassVentures is available to support recovery and growth"

MachineMetrics Announces $11.3 Million Series A Funding

MachineMetrics, which equips factories with the digital tools needed to increase productivity and win more business, announced Tuesday it has raised $11.3 million in Series A financing. 

MassVentures Announces New investments and Grants

As we wrap up a successful fiscal year, we want to share some of what we're doing to help companies thrive here in Massachusetts.