MassVentures is the Commonwealth's strategic venture capital team. We find, fund, and foster early-stage deep tech that fuels economic growth across the Commonwealth.

Deep tech startups innovate scientific and engineering advances that address big societal challenges--often creating new markets or disrupting existing ones.

If you are a founder, ready to take your research to market, get in touch. We offer grants and seed investment, business guidance, and an extensive network of partners who can help you grow your business.

We are focused, connected, and successful. For over 40 years, MassVentures has been fueling the Commonwealth's innovation economy, reinvesting our investment profits as a successful evergreen fund to drive business and job growth.

Deep Tech is Where We Live

Fuel your growth

The Catalyst/DICES grant program is now accepting applications. The program provides grants of up to $65,000 to researchers and early-stage companies looking to demonstrate initial prototypes of their clean energy technologies.

To learn more and apply, visit Catalyst/DICES

Inside: Four secrets to landing venture funding. Why the smart money is on women entrepreneurs

“If you want to have diverse outcomes, you need to be more inclusive and accessible, and take the cold outreach,” MassVentures CEO Charlie Hipwood says. “I look at the cold outreach as someone who is trying hard. . . Warm outreach is the easy path.”

This inclusive approach has led to an impressive record of diversity at the quasi-state agency that funds early-stage startups based in the state. About two-thirds of its 23 portfolio companies are led by a woman, Black, Latino, or Asian entrepreneur. Just under half of the 450 companies under review in the pipeline are led by a woman or person of color.

“MassVentures is building a collaborative ecosystem of entrepreneurs in Boston and beyond. Each of our success is made more likely with the success of others in our community. Armored Things is proud to be a part of this group!” 

Julie Johnson

Founder and CEO, Armored Things

“We’ve worked closely with the companies that go through the MassVentures program. We found that those companies are at a critical stage for growth and MassVentures is one of the very few resources that can help transition those companies.”

Marie Meslin

Director, The Capital Network

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