MV Capital

Seed investment and support for Massachusetts-based deep tech startups


MV Capital supports the innovation economy and the economic growth initiatives of the Commonwealth by converting research and early-stage innovations into viable business and jobs. We seek to identify ideas at the very earliest prototype stage and provide much needed coaching, mentoring and funding to help convert those ideas into thriving companies to solve today’s biggest challenges for tomorrow’s generation.

  • MV Capital funds 50 to 60 companies each year through its Venture Fund, SBIR START Program, Clean Energy Grants and Acorn Innovation Grants
  • We emphasize funding opportunities with diverse founding teams and from diverse geographies throughout Massachusetts
  • In the past 5 years, MV Capital has created more than 10,000 jobs and generated more than $3B in follow-on capital

Venture Fund

About: Our venture fund invests in early-stage deep tech companies with an emphasis on diverse founding teams.

Who's Eligible: Seed stage companies based in Massachusetts who are focused on making substantial innovations in science and engineering and advancing the Commonwealth’s innovation economy. The deep tech sector includes, but is not limited to, advanced manufacturing, advanced materials, artificial intelligence, robotics, photonics, electronics, quantum computing, cleantech, medical devices, biotechnology, IoT, health security, and cyber security.

Timing: Applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis.



About: MassVentures offers grants and guidance to startups wanting to convert their research into businesses and commercialize their technologies. 17 grants are awarded each year, ranging from $100,000-$500,000.

Who's Eligible: SBIR Phase II companies based in Massachusetts.

Timing: Applications open February 2025.


Clean Energy Grants

About: MassVentures co-manages the Catalyst and DICES grant programs with MassCEC to provide mentoring, networking and grants to researchers and early-stage companies looking to demonstrate initial prototypes of their clean energy technologies. We run two cohorts per year and award 10 grants per cohort. Each award is $75,000.

Who's Eligible: Principal investigators at all Massachusetts-based research institutions or Massachusetts-based early-stage clean energy companies. Technologies must be at Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 2-4, according to the TRL Calculator developed by the New York State Energy Research & Development Authority. For DICES, applicants must also verify that they are eligible as a woman- or minority-owned startup. 

Timing: We run two cohorts per year. Applications open in August and February.


Acorn Innovation Grants

About: MassVentures awards 6 grants annually to principal investigators who seek to demonstrate the viability of their technology. Each award is $32,500.

Who's Eligible: Principal investigators at research institutions based in Massachusetts who have disclosed the technology to their institution.

Timing: Applications open in October.


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