Public Records


What types of public information does MassVentures maintain? 

In order to provide ease-of-access to the public, the following public records are provided online at

  • Board of Directors Meeting Schedule and Notices
  • Meeting Agendas
  • Past Board of Directors Meeting Minutes 
  • MassVentures’ Audited Financial Statements

How do I make a public records request? 

We recommend submitting a written request. Please submit all requests to:

Charlie Hipwood, MassVentures, 1075 Main Street, Suite 100, Waltham, MA 02451  (

While no specific format is required for a public records request, the Secretary of the Commonwealth provides a sample request letter that may be helpful to both you and MassVentures.

What is a public record? 

For information about the public records law generally, please see the Secretary of the Commonwealth’s guide ( This guide provides a basic overview of the Massachusetts public records law, the legal definition of “public record,” and general exemptions to the definition of “public record.”

One of the public records law’s general exemptions concerns records “specifically or by necessary implication exempted from disclosure by statute.” In accordance with that general exemption, MassVentures’ enabling legislation, specifically Section 10 of M.G.L. c. 40G, exempts certain records from disclosure. It provides in part that:

“Any documentary materials or data made or received by any member or employee of the corporation, to the extent that such material or data consist of trade secrets, commercial or financial information regarding the operation of any business conducted by an applicant for, or recipient of, any form of assistance which the corporation is empowered to render, or regarding the competitive position of such applicant in a particular field of endeavor, shall not be deemed public records and shall not be subject to the provisions of section ten of chapter sixty-six. Any discussion or consideration of such trade secrets or commercial or financial information, may be held by the board, or any subcommittee of the board, in executive sessions closed to the public, notwithstanding the provisions of section eleven A and one-half of chapter thirty A.”

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