The mission of MassVentures is to support the innovation economy and the economic growth initiatives of the Commonwealth by transferring research and early stage innovations to viable businesses and jobs

MassVentures finds, funds, and fosters early stage deep tech that fuels economic growth across the Commonwealth. We are at the core of the vibrant innovation ecosystem that connects innovators, investors, partners, and government to advance groundbreaking technology, drive business growth, and create new jobs.

The MassVentures team believes their job is to serve entrepreneurs. I've heard many times an investor say the words "let me know how I can help," but MassVentures shows me their team's commitment to helping entrepreneurs through actions (i.e. hosting educational events, helpful referrals, individual strategy meetings over coffee, etc.).

Jason Freeman

Founder and CEO, Prolific Works

The value for me is really our conversations. I've found MassVentures to offer solid guidance and a genuine interest in helping the company. I often call you first while I'm still formulating my thoughts because I know you won't judge me based on not appearing decisive, and know that you will be supportive.

Adam Honig

Founder and CEO, Spiro Technologies