2020 START Winners

MassVentures is pleased to announce the winners of $3.1 million in SBIR Targeted Technologies (START) grants:

Imperia Batteries, Inc. (Andover) - Specialty High Energy Lithium Ion Batteries 

Quantum Diamond Technologies, Inc. (Somerville) - Biomedical research detection and clinical diagnostics instrumentation and assays 

14bis Supply Tracking (Burlington) - Systems interoperability for secure tracking of physical and digital assets

Boston Engineering Corp. (Waltham) - Modular, configurable, Low-cost Maritime Sondes and Buoys

Kytopen Corp. (Cambridge) - FlowfectTM technology enables high-throughput nonviral intracellular delivery of genetic material

Pendar Technologies (Cambridge) - Handheld standoff spectrometer for rapid hazardous scene assessment, explosive & narcotics detection

Remote Sensing Solutions (Barnstable) - Obstacle & Collision Avoidance Sonar for μUUVs

Analog Photonics, Inc. (Boston) - Silicon Photonics High Speed Interconnects for Cloud Computing

Blue Therapeutics, Inc. (Cambridge) - Strong, non-addictive painkiller

Kinto (Cambridge) - Software enabled care management services for dementia caregivers

MSW Power Corp. (Acton) - Waste-To-Energy Conversion System

NanoView Biosciences, Inc. (Boston) - Solutions to accurately detect and fully characterize extracellular vesicles 

Physical Sciences, Inc./IOScan (Andover) - Intelligent Optical Scanner for guiding breast surgeries –IOScan

Pison Technology, Inc. (Boston) - Nerve-sensing wearable that enables micro-gesture control of electronic devices

Plenoptika, Inc. (Cambridge) - Medical device used to provide eyeglass point-of-care prescriptions

Realtime Robotics, Inc. (Boston) - Safe motion planning for industrial robots in collaborative applications

SICDRONE (Peabody) - Tactical, High-Speed Aerial Drones

Textician, LLC (Cambridge) - Build predictive models and suggest medical codes from free-text


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