SBIR Targeted Technologies ("START") 2022 Winners

June 8, 2022


MassVentures is pleased to announce the winners of $3 million in SBIR Targeted Technologies (START) grants

START helps companies convert their SBIR/STTR research into businesses and jobs in Massachusetts.  Over 11 years, MassVentures has granted $31.2 million to 105 companies that have gone on to raise more than $4 billion and employ more than 2,500 people in the Commonwealth.

For more information on the program, visit START.

STAGE 1 (Awards of $100,000)

ActivSignal LLC (Natick): Novel biotechnology research tool (“Multiplex Paired-antibody Amplified Detection”) for analyzing  the activity of multiple cell signaling pathways in one reaction. Applications include a surveillance diagnostic for early detection of pancreatic cancer, and a method for tracking COVID-19 proteins in wastewater for community health monitoring.

Aeroshield Materials (Hyde Park): Novel technology for improving the energy efficiency of windows. Aeroshield’s transparent aerogel sheets can be dropped into existing window manufacturing, creating a window that is 50 percent more insulating than traditional double-pane windows with a payback period that is 3 to 5 times faster than a triple-pane of similar performance.  

Ambergen, Inc. (Watertown): Their Miralys reagents will revolutionize disease diagnosis and drug therapy by providing a more powerful method for researchers and clinicians to image biomarkers in tissue.

Eden Geotech (Somerville): Developing a novel and environmentally safer electro-hydraulic fracturing technology that increases geothermal power generation and reduces total water consumption, waste, and carbon emission.

EnVision Endoscopy (Waltham): Developing a novel suturing device for flexible endoscopy for tissue approximation and management of large gastrointestinal defects.

Gradient Technologies (Boston): Cybersecurity software platform, powered by the world’s most secure processors, that prevents breaches and is deployable to any endpoint from IoT devices to on-premises servers, BYOD laptops, and cloud native containerized infrastructure. 

Jaxon, Inc.  (Boston): Developing an AI-powered data labeling and training platform that helps build customized, fully-trained AI models with minimal human supervision. See their press release.

KSE, Inc. (Sunderland): Developing specialized catalysts and reaction systems to improve technologies that cost-effectively convert biomass into renewable fuels and chemicals.  

Pathmaker Neurosystems (Boston): Developing MyoRegulator, the first non-invasive treatment for post-stroke muscle spasticity using neuromodulation. It has been designated by the FDA as a "breakthrough" medical device. See their press release.

Radical Plastics, Inc. (Beverly): Developing economically attractive, biodegradable plastics to address the global problem of plastics pollution.

STAGE 2 (Awards of $200,000)

Aclarity (Hadley) Developing electrochemical systems that cost-effectively destroy various contaminants in water and is the first to commercialize a system for permanently destroying  PFAS compounds, the “forever chemicals.”

Extend Biosciences (Newton) Technology that improves half-life and bioavailability of peptides. Company's lead product is a long-acting parathyroid hormone for treating hypoparathyroidism.

Leuko Labs Inc., (Boston) The first non-invasive white cell test, enabling frequent at-home monitoring to improve clinical outcomes and quality of life for chemotherapy patients. 

Mesodyne (Somerville) Developing a new type of power generator, Light-Cell, that produces electricity from any fuel, quietly and reliably. These energy-dense, compact power generators increase the endurance of small systems ten times more than batteries, resulting in increased capability and cost savings.

Reveal Pharmaceuticals Inc (Cambridge) Manganese-based, Gadolinium-free, MRI contrast agent designed to improve safety for all patients and provide a platform for precision imaging. 

STAGE 3 (Awards of $500,000)

Kinto (Cambridge) – Offering software enabled care management services (coaching, group support sessions and guided planning) for dementia caregivers.  

Pison Technology, Inc. (Boston) – Leveraging neuromuscular sensing capabilities to create a cutting-edge artificial intelligence platform that enables control of digital systems with micro gestures or even simply the thought of moving a finger.


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