SBIR Targeted Technologies ("START") 2021 Winners

START helps convert SBIR/STTR research to businesses and jobs in Massachusetts.  Over 10 years, MassVentures has granted $28.2 million to 95 companies that have gone on to raise over $2.5 billion and employ over 3000 people in the Commonwealth


MassVentures is pleased to announce the winners of $3 million in SBIR Targeted Technologies (START) grants:

 Stage 1 Winners: 

Aclarity (Hadley) Electrochemical systems that cost-effectively destroy various contaminants in water and is the first to commercialize a system for the destruction of PFAS compounds.

DynamiCare Health (Boston)  An evidence-based digital program that helps people overcome addiction to drugs, alcohol, and tobacco, through personal coaching, remote testing, and motivational incentives.

 Energesis Pharmaceuticals (Cambridge) Paradigm-shifting approach for the treatment of obesity and diabetes, which have reached epidemic proportions in the U.S. and the industrialized world.

Extend Biosciences (Newton) Technology that improves half-life and bioavailability of peptides. Company's lead product is a long-acting parathyroid hormone for hypoparathyroidism.

Infinite Cooling (Somerville) Technology that mitigates water scarcity around the world by helping power plants and other industrial processes recover water from their cooling tower exhausts. Technology reduces water consumption and water treatment costs.

Leuko Labs Inc., (Boston) The first non-invasive white cell test, enabling frequent at-home monitoring to improve clinical outcomes and quality of life for chemotherapy patients. 

Mesodyne (Somerville) Light-Cell is a new type of power generator that produces electricity from any fuel, quietly and reliably. These ultra-high energy-density compact power generators increase the endurance of small systems by 10X over batteries, resulting in increased capability and cost savings.

Metalmark Innovations, Inc. (Boston)  Air purifiers and HVAC systems with novel 3D nanostructured catalytic materials for destroying sub-micron pollutants, including viruses, VOCs, and ultra-fine particulates.

Reveal Pharmaceuticals Inc (Cambridge) Manganese-based, Gadolinium-free, MRI contrast agent designed to improve safety for all patients and provide a platform for precision imaging.  

Transaera (Somerville) New class of affordable and efficient air conditioners that are 5 times more energy efficient than traditional air conditioners.

Stage 2 Winners: 

Kinto (Cambridge) - Software enabled care management services for dementia caregivers.

NanoView Biosciences, Inc. (Boston) - Solutions to accurately detect and fully characterize extracellular vesicles. 

Pison Technology, Inc. (Boston) - Nerve-sensing wearable that enables micro-gesture control of electronic devices.

Plenoptika, Inc. (Cambridge) - Medical device used to provide eyeglass point-of-care prescriptions

Realtime Robotics, Inc. (Boston) - Safe motion planning for industrial robots in collaborative applications

Stage 3: Winners

14bis Supply Tracking (Burlington) - Systems interoperability for secure tracking of physical and digital assets

Boston Engineering Corp. (Waltham) - Sonde technology for collecting and transmitting ocean data that helps NOAA and the Navy improve storm predictions as climate change increases storm intensity.

Kytopen Corp. (Cambridge) - FlowfectTM technology enables high-throughput nonviral intracellular delivery of genetic material

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