MassVentures – President and CEO Search

Job Summary

MassVentures is seeking an experienced professional to lead the organization’s investing activity, oversee staff, and work collaboratively with its eleven member Board of Directors. The President will be charged with coordinating all due diligence and investment activity, supporting portfolio companies in their future growth, and actively engaging in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Furthermore, the President will be charged with supporting MassVentures’ public mission and will work closely with Commonwealth’s Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development.

The President must always act as a public fiduciary and responsible investor.


Duties & Responsibilities

The President serves as the Chief Executive of MassVentures and is responsible for all aspects of the organization’s operations, investing activity and financial stability.

  • Manages staff including the Chief Financial Officer and investment professionals.
  • Determines organizational structure, roles and responsibilities, and salaries.
  • Mentors junior staff in deal analysis, investment structuring, and board involvement.
  • Directs and develops the organization’s annual budget and 3-year operating plan.
  • Oversees due diligence processes, financial analysis, and structuring of investments.
  • Works collaboratively with the MassVentures Board of Directors.
  • Engages with the venture capital and angel investment community.
  • Develops and maintains a network of entrepreneurs, investors, and service providers in the early stage ecosystems.
  • Advocates on behalf of MassVentures’ public missions across multiple constituencies.
  • Leads negotiations with portfolio companies, venture capital firms, and related parties.
  • Presents in front of small and large audiences, stakeholders, and entrepreneurs regularly.


Requirements & Qualifications

  • Strong general management, communication, and leadership skills.
  • Ability to plan, organize, and manage complex investments and fund administration.
  • Ability to be a self-starter and work collaboratively.
  • Demonstrated experience investing in early stage companies including Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A, and follow-on rounds.
  • Demonstrated experience raising capital rounds to support entrepreneurial enterprises.
  • Demonstrated experience leading due diligence, financial analysis, and structuring of investments.
  • Understanding of technology including recent trends across varied technology verticals.
  • Experience working with and providing operational, leadership, and financial guidance to early stage companies and entrepreneurs.
  • A Bachelor’s Degree in related field.
  • Significant experience in relevant roles in the venture and/or angel investment space with increasing responsibilities, including management.
  • Excellent communications skills.
  • Desire to work in an environment committed to team work and MassVentures’ public mission.

Qualified and Interested parties should submit a resume and cover letter to Search Coordinator  John Loughlin at Loughlin & Co. 


About MassVentures

MassVentures is a Massachusetts based quasi-public entity that has filled capital gaps in the technology sector since its formation in 1978. The organization actively seeks to invest in early-stage companies and support entrepreneurs with limited access to traditional capital and investors. As a quasi-public entity, MassVentures’ core mission is defined by supporting economic development, job creation, and the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Massachusetts.

MassVentures runs an early-stage investment program which makes equity investments in start-up technology companies and administers the START grant program. The organization is an active participant in the venture space, meets with hundreds of early stage companies, and invests from its evergreen fund several times annually. In addition, the organization awards START funds through a competitive process to Massachusetts based companies under the Federal SBIR program.

MassVentures provides a critical public purpose role in the Commonwealth’s efforts to drive growth in the Massachusetts innovation economy. Over the past 40 years, MassVentures has invested over $100 million in over 150 Massachusetts-based companies, generating an IRR of 14%. MassVentures backed companies have in turn leveraged the organization’s early investments into more than $1.6 billion of follow on capital. Frequently the first institutional money in a company, MassVentures works with the entrepreneurs in the early stages of company formation to achieve results that will not only drive employment growth within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts but also help the company attract outside venture investors to support further growth.

Although the Boston area has thriving capital markets for experienced investors and entrepreneurs, there are many geographies, industry verticals, and populations in Massachusetts that are underserved by the venture industry. MassVentures focuses its efforts on these under-served areas.