Helping Talent Get Found in Crowded Spaces

Chris Howard Libboo

“The MassVentures team is experienced, talented and passionate about its investments.  They have been instrumental in shaping our vision and helping us execute on the best product possible.”
-Chris Howard, Founder, Libboo

Market and Growth Opportunity

As a former music producer, Chris Howard knew that having a creative talent and being found within a crowded space was not an easy undertaking – especially when you didn’t have a lot of marketing dollars to spend. Driven by experience, Chris founded Libboo, a disruptive platform created to help authors connect with and understand their biggest fans and advocates.  Chris’s vision:  to help talent be found by recreating marketing in a human, more personable way using digital tools and techniques.

To launch its solution, Chris sought to build a team of investors who would serve not just as investors but as productive, solid mentors and advisors.


“Fundraising is always a challenge, particularly regarding what types of investors you want to work with. For Libboo, we didn’t need people that wanted to just kick our butts to work harder, but a team that could provide us direction, help and advice,” commented Chris.  “We wanted to find a team who would invest in the “who” and the “why” of what we do.”

Through MassChallenge, Libboo was introduced to MassVentures and it was clear from the start that Nick Pappas and the MassVentures’ team would strike a perfect balance between Libboo’s interests and the interests of those to whom they were accountable.  “It was great to have Nick and the MassVentures’ team on board as an initial investor.  They are experienced, talented and passionate about their investments.  They have been instrumental in shaping our vision and helping us execute on the best product possible,” continues Chris.


The publishing space has been an excellent proving ground for Libboo and they are looking to expand into other markets both in the B2B and B2C space where advocates play a key role in driving success for talented individuals and companies. Word is spreading fast and Libboo is gaining traction with both its audience and the investment community. Through its connections with MassVentures and TechStars, Libboo has raised additional funding, with MassVentures being part of each subsequent round. “MassVentures has helped us grow through the early stage and focus on doing a few things very well instead of lots of things fair.  We have more partners on board than we could have anticipated and we are looking towards our Series A round sooner than expected to capitalize on our traction,” concludes Chris.

Key Benefits of working with MassVentures

  • Provided direction, mentoring and advice when needed
  • Helped navigate follow-on funding process
  • Provided early-stage connections to entrepreneurs, the community and financing

About Libboo

Libboo seeks to solve a problem that has existed for a long time, but has become especially prevalent in the digital age: Talent gets lost in crowded spaces. Libboo is a platform that helps authors connect with and understand their biggest fans and advocates–their “buzzers.” Libboo does this by providing insights into how, where, and why people share content online. For readers of all kinds, Libboo provides an easy-to-use way to discover and spread the word about books while earning rewards like free copies and chats with authors. It allows buzzers to share the books they enjoy on the online channels they already use, like social media, blogs, and email, and then tracks and measures how influential buzzers are at bringing new eyes to deserving books.